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May 12, 2021

Today Liz Cheney was stripped of her leadership position in the House. She’s not toeing the line and her colleagues don’t like that she’s so far off message. She, of course, isn’t buying into their talking points about stolen elections, voter fraud, party of trump, etc., so even though she’s among the most conservative members of the House, there to further a conservative policy agenda, she’s persona non grata and, today, got the boot.

Stay tuned for some great GOP in-fighting.


But, even though it’s great sport to see them flail and wail, it also reminds me how fragile our two-party system is, especially as we have one party and one whacko band of nutjobs. These guys have just lost their way and it’s not all that comforting. They are not adhering to a common set of rules, and it’s deeply unsettling. They are making it up as they go, led by an unstable, unpredictable leader. So god, crazy town just continues to be the theme of each and every day.

Like… this morning, for example: Speaker-wanna-be McCarthy, following an Oval Office meeting w/ Pres Biden, came out to the mic and said (among other things) that House republicans don’t dispute the legitimacy of the election, and they accept that Joe Biden is the president. Hell, he just met with said president for 90 minutes (so it must be real) to talk about the infrastructure bill.

Come again? Somebody better tell the others… and maybe their leader guy, too.

Simultaneously, there was a House hearing where a committee was grilling a couple of trump administration officials about what went down on January 6. Several republican guys suggested the January 6 crowd was indistinguishable from any group of tourists visiting the Capitol. Another disputed that the “visitors” were identifiable as trump supporters. Another just called them patriots.

I mean, that is just pure crazy town. With straight faces they say this stuff and, you know, attempt to re-write history. Even trump’s lawyers during his second impeachment trial didn’t dispute that it was a violent insurrection. They started from that obvious point, accepted the violence, death and mayhem shown in the videos, and then just went on to say trump had nothing to do with it. And lost their case. Impeachment #2. Boom!

But these GOP guys… complete denial. So what’re ya gonna do with that?

Well.. throw Liz Cheney out of leadership and make sure she and anyone else getting too close to facts is primaried. And change all the voting laws so dems can’t vote and continue to pledge fealty to the fat guy bloviating nonstop down in Palm Beach.

Weird playbook. And anymore? I have no confidence they won’t win with that strategy.

Anyway. Despite all that.. it wasn’t a bad day. GSD, as they say, but nothing bloggable. So here’s a nice picture from yesterday.. and below that some Prisma goofing around.


(Oooh, which reminds me of a favorite children’s book of Peter’s — Calef Brown’s Polkabats and Octopus Slacks –which featured a passage called, Clementown, and describes a whole town that is green! Which.. funnily enough, I blogged about in 2014 here: lifeofwry.com/2014/05/08/greenish/)

This Prisma’d version is not so green:

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