Bit o’ Angst

May 3, 2021

So many questions. I feel in such a weird space tracking politics these days.. ever since that psycho came on the scene. It’s hard to stay sane when you’re left to argue that up is down and down is up and there are no shared facts and their game is about control and money, and they’re willing to do anything to get it and hang onto it, even and especially lying (because facts and the public’s interest are not on their side)… but what do they believe anymore? Well, nothing. They haven’t been about policy for a long time. Seems they are about shutting out voters so they can hang onto or reclaim power, but then what, besides stacking courts so they can prevent abortions and carry more guns? They don’t care about people, families, education, the planet or our global relationships.

They are making a political bet: stay with the psycho and his flock. It’s Gaetz and Greene over Romney and Cheney. The former two raising money like crazy. How is that possible? But it’s the whole thing.. it’s their bet. It’s what the polls tell them will bring victories in 2022 and beyond.

I can’t understand the fealty thing. It nauseates me to my core. How can they ever justify throwing people overboard (Cheney), booing them down at GOP conventions (Romney) for an opinion other than that psycho’s? What is that? He’s trying to cancel the whole GOP, its history, the people in its history, it all has to be about him and they all willing to go along with it. I just don’t understand.

So… dunno. People continuing to vote against their interest, their family’s interest, the planet’s interest, the world’s interest.. and defending the lies about voter fraud and rigged elections… so that… what? Abortion, god, guns? They’ve really lost their way, lost a sense of the big picture.

Up is down.

Nativism, fear of the other. That’s the real heart of it. Other = less than.

He’s ignited it and is running with it and they’re all going with it.

And back to my questions: my biggest one is how do I turn away from that existential threat to democracy, justice and the planet as we know it… AND have a life that is fulfilling and joyful? I want a life that is fulfilling and joyful.. and I feel like we have to stay on top of this and continue to fight for the future for our kids. I’m filled with angst. Why isn’t everyone?

And the vaccination issue. Good lord!! We were told today that we (the US, the world) will not achieve herd immunity because there are too few people willing (yes, willing) to get the vaccine. Instead, transmission will continue, variants will thrive, and we’ll continue to live with this virus for years… which means not a full return to normalcy.. or we’ll return and people will just die that shouldn’t have. We coulda had it, herd immunity. But people weren’t willing to mask up and vaccinate… because.. freedom. Freedom to be stupid and selfish.

Thank a vaccinatee today, because the fact we have less transmission than we might have, and the fact we’re not ALL getting infected, sick or dying is because half the people chose to get vaccinated. For themselves, their families and the greater good.

Well hell.

What do you do with that level of human selfishness? How do you co-exist with these people? Honestly, how do you look them in the eye? Part of me wants to just say, “hey, they believe in crazy shit,” and let it go at that. But it affects us all and that seems so totally unjust.

It all just eats me up. Can’t shut it out and live my life, but don’t want to be consumed by it, either. Trying to find the balance.


Here’s a neat spring thing in Davis: these tower of jewels (they’re called? right?). They are almost creepy big, out of scale big.. but they’re also so cool.

This one’s in Central Park right now.. but they’re all over town. Like those crazy naked ladies that come up seemingly out of nowhere.

That’s about 3 feet of bloom right there..

2 Responses to “Bit o’ Angst”

  1. Adam Rivard Says:

    I was debating this vaccine question today with my son. I was mortified to discover that I’ve reached a point where I’m feeling, you know what; they are willful morons, and they deserve whatever fate awaits them.
    This is not a comfortable position for me but, seriously, what are we to do, when obfuscation, malfeasance, and avarice for power outcompete, in their minds, honesty, doing good works, and humility in acknowledging our shared peril. I share your consternation and, despite the many reasons we might celebrate, I still harbor fears for our long-term condition.

    • Kari Says:

      Oh Adam, with you all the way. It IS a horrible way to feel… to say (and I have, too): fine, your choice, get the virus. To walk around town and realize that anyone wanting the vaccine can now get it, so anyone who’s not had it, is unvaccinated by choice. Their choice. They are not my problem anymore. Those vaccinated are part of the solution. Those unvaccinated are the problem. Beyond a point, it’s not our role to protect you people any longer if you’re choosing not to take the responsible step. Willfully choosing to be a transmitter of the virus, to roll the dice, to deny science: your choice (not talking to you, Adam :)). Yeah, feels shitty saying that, but at this point.. what’s left?

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