August 24, 2020


It was night #1 of RNC. I am able to listen to analysis, but–and I am sad to admit this–I can’t listen. My hat’s off to those who can. So.. I duck. I duck that incoming. I duck out. I duck and cover. Duck me. Duck duck duck.

This is a good time for a duck picture!

out for a walk


I would love to give credit to the photographer. I just don’t know who it is.. but I found this picture in a collection of winners of some contest on some website. Just a few weeks ago. Probably somebody posted the collection on Facebook. So my great apologies to the photographer; I should have captured the credit, as well.  But whoever you are, great job. Wonderful photo.  (And I guess these aren’t actually ducks!) I grabbed a few more, and will post them on subsequent RNC nights, because: RNC.