Dugout Day

March 11, 2015

If you’re a pitcher on a baseball team, especially a pitcher-only, you only see action on the days you pitch, which early in the season can be sporadic and even unpredictable. The coaches are trying to assess the pitching staff and figure out who will be starters and who will be the various relievers. Once the coach settles on his rotation, there will likely be a rhythm to the whole thing, but at this point in the season it’s a pretty fluid situation.

Under the most generous of circumstances, your games may be days apart, or even a week apart. Either way, pitchers spend a lot of games in the dugout with their fellow pitchers.. and others.

Peter seems to love this arrangement. There are on days and off days; lots of time to chill and just hang with the team.

These are a couple of pictures Wes took earlier this week (or last).  More great Wes photos! I’m posting them because there was a home game today, second of the week, and it was a dugout day for Peter.

Here are Coach Ariola, Tyler M., Gabe, Solly, Ray, Peter. Not sure who the end folks are.


And below are the Walker twins, Ray, Peter, Daniel, Solly, Ian.

DHS v Napa

We hear Peter’s on the schedule for Friday up in Yuba City.  More to follow.

Of course.

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