Loafin’ Around

October 28, 2014

Hey, it was either this or another shot of the beach.

Sorry about this.

But if you ever want a good recipe for meatloaf, try Biba’s meatloaf, Bologna-style. I made it for dinner tonight and our small crowd seemed to like it a lot. Biba calls it “Polpettone alla Bolognese,” so there you are. Fancy.


If I had to guess, I think the thing that makes this better than the other 4852 very dry meatloafs (meatloaves?) I’ve made in my life is the generous use of oil, milk, wine, chopped tomatoes, and eggs. It’s got other things in it, too, that make it taste great, but all the liquid & fat stuff really make it moist (and, actually, it swims in this amazing rich broth).

Anyway. Biba’s meatloaf. Ping me if you want the recipe.

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