October 18, 2014

I woke to the smell of coffee brewing and word burning. Hard to get more heavenly than that. Nice to have good cabin mates. Speaking of… here’s Sally stoking the fire, view from my loft.. can ya smell the wood and coffee?


We made some eggs on the stove, pioneer-woman-like..


We hung out a little to deal with the electrician, packed a lunch, then headed a couple miles up Hwy 4 to see what the Bear Valley Ski Resort is all about since I’ve never been there. No snow, but beautiful and fallish:



Then onward toward Ebbett’s Pass, because I don’t think I’ve ever been over it and thought I should! Passed Mosquito Lake along the way:


We got out in a few spots along the road to look around. We decided to turn around thinking we’d somehow missed the pass (I know, hard to do in the mountains: you go up, up, up, until you go down, down, down. That middle part is the pass… what’s complicated about that?). Later we learned we were just a couple miles shy. Something to explore next time (I’d wanted to see where the PCT crossed the Ebbett’s Pass Rd (Hwy 4).

We went back to Lake Alpine, found the trailhead for Inspiration Point and headed up.  Lake’s really low due to the California drought:


On the way to top, some very craggy cliffs:


And from the crags themselves:


Here’s Sally at the top, with view of Lake Alpine below:


And some other views up there, worthy of name Inspiration Point:


We had a fantastic lunch at the top, taking in expansive 360 views. The terrain at the top looked like this:


Descended late afternoon, as sun was getting low:


Headed back to the cabin to find we still lacked power, but that had to do with a PG&E service vehicle breakdown. The crews arrived later that night, after dinner (cooked again on the wood-burning stove), and did indeed fix the line. Power was restored about 10pm (on a Saturday!).

It was never a problem. Sure didn’t interfere with our cooking (pasta and spinach tonight), talking and throwback music!

2 Responses to “Inspiration”

  1. Breathtaking!! When I was young, my parents and some friends co-owned a cabin up at Bear Valley. My folks love to ski. I do not. However I loved going to the cabin. Good memories.

    • Kari Says:

      Thanks, Michael Ann. How fun to hear you used to go there! Wonder if your parents knew Sally’s parents… it’s a pretty small community up there.

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