Questions, Affirmations and TBT

October 16, 2014

While today did not turn up a lot of picture-worthiness, it did turn out to be a pretty lovely day.  Didn’t quite expect that. I woke up out of sorts following a night that had one particularly long period of sleeplessness. I have a bunch of questions I’m wrestling with.. which.. questions are good, right?, especially if you’re me–a person at somewhat of a crossroads. I think I’m glad the questions are uncomfortable. That seems appropriate. Choosing paths in life should have a measure of angst.

I made a couple small–but hopefully effective–changes in a couple of things.  Okay… for example… one thing: I drastically weeded some people and organizations from my Facebook feed that consume way too many column inches. Sounds silly, but it’s not. Social media requires some serious and ruthless skill, people. You gotta find that sweet spot of useful and enjoyable, while making sure you don’t forget which end is up. Social media management is a thing. We know this. Not willing or needing to ditch the whole enchilada; it has value.. but you know, it’s Facebook. Gotta be smart. I have lots of time these days, last thing I want to do is squander it in social media.

I also affirmed some of the absolutely great parts of my current life routines, affirmed some of my current priorities, decided, in the light of the day and pretty clearly, that, yes, I’m on a good path. I relaxed.

Went to Fitness Garage. (Definitely one of the good things.) Also, Igor is awesome.

After that, ended up with a good, long hour to read, while drinking coffee downtown; then, ended up having a great lunch with Jim where two different friends dropped by for some excellent conversation; then, ended up at Valley Wine, talking with the owner–as you do–who grew up in Davis, and we entered a rabbit-warren of Davis history, stories and people. It was a rapid-fire half hour and ohmygod we covered some interesting territory. I know my town. Bought some great pinot too.

Flu shots, laundry, packing. Preparing to be gone for a few days on an adventure (the pinot factors in). More on that later.

(And just so you know, it’s not all Pollyanna here. Keeping vigilant. Staying uncomfortable. General directions good, specifics need lots of work.)

So… onto the photo part of this photo-a-day blog:

Handy that this otherwise non-remarkable, if unexpectedly enjoyable, day should also be a Thursday. Because, wuhoo, TBT. Picked a few from a series I took in the spring of 2003, a few months before Peter entered kindergarten. Here he is trying out the big kid play equipment at Cesar Chavez:

Oh boy, super high monkey bars:


I got this nailed:132-3240_IMG

It wasn’t all a piece of cake:132-3278_IMG

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